Sure Signs of Spring: Tulips, Pink Lipstick, and the Beginnings of a Grammar Manifesto

Happy Vernal Equinox to all! The beginning of spring is a wonderful time to take stock of both our wardrobes and our projects and revisit what is most important to us, and for me, that means returning to my blog. Even though Grammar Fairy Godmother has been on unintentional hiatus (due to an ongoing attempt to figure out how to teach and blog at the same time),


Trying a paler than usual lipstick

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O Scarves, O Fringe, O Sparkling Things: Musings on the Vocative O

Today I went out for a nice wander in my neighborhood. It was a lovely fall day, though still a little warm for my preference. I’m fortunate that I live in a neighborhood with great shops in easy walking distance. I went to a used bookstore first,IMG_0356 then to Continue reading

Narrative and Memory: Clip Earrings, Cameos, and Compound Words

When I look at my dresser top every morning as I’m accessorizing (one of the best parts of the day), I see more than just an array of earrings and necklaces, bracelets and rings. I see several entwined narratives there as well, the way one of my Grandma Ruth’s cameos (cameos are arguably my favorite type of jewelry)10306183_10152886855238849_1985768928861180634_n (2) Continue reading

When Is a Word a Word? (Or a Drinking Fountain a Bubbler?)

I spent this past weekend in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, enjoying the trees and the fresh air (and adding a few pieces to my wardrobe at art fairs and consignment shops).11781736_10154309742148849_8790195151870082653_n I love the UP, and I’ve been spending time there—usually during the summer and holidays—ever since I was little. However, until last year, I had never given much thought Continue reading

A Love Story about Pronouns: My Whirlwind Romance with the Singular “They”

I feel I should explain this right away: my floor length velvet cape doesn’t have anything to do with pronouns—however, it is a perfect instance of a whirlwind romance, very similar to what happened with me and the singular “they.” A few months ago, 11084246_10153933299733849_1821860834193739249_n Continue reading