Shawls, Bonnets, and the Latest (Nineteenth Century) Paris Fashions


Modes De Paris, 1844

In this week’s blog post, we’re going to go back to the 1800s—we’ve already been there once before with George Sand, but this time, we’ll be talking about bonnets and changing grammatical patterns.  Continue reading


Vacation and Reflection



I’ve spent this past week traveling in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula (for the second time this summer!) and was at times without Internet access, so I find myself behind on posts—thank you for your patience, good readers! I was able to see some beautiful scenery, eat some wonderful food, and visit the amazing Continue reading

Pants, Slacks, or Trousers?: George Sand and Rhetorical Grammar

In 1991, I saw a movie called Impromptu. It focused on French Romantic novelist George SandGeorge_Sand_by_Nadar,_1864 (played by Judy Davis in the movie—the real George Sand is pictured in a well-known photo by Nadar) and the group of writers, artists, and composers who spent time in and around Paris in the 1830s. I was living in Madison, Wisconsin  Continue reading

Too Many Bracelets? Or Not Enough?


If I leave my apartment without bracelets—even if I’m wearing earrings, necklaces, scarves, and other accessories—I feel as if something is missing all day. I don’t know why, but bracelets are just Continue reading

Taking Risks: Pink Hair and Punctuation

I still have a few clothing items from the mid-80s. These are not what you might expect (except for the fingerless gloves, of course). FullSizeRender (8)What I’ve kept from my 80s wardrobe (not including accessories) are mainly Continue reading