O Scarves, O Fringe, O Sparkling Things: Musings on the Vocative O

Today I went out for a nice wander in my neighborhood. It was a lovely fall day, though still a little warm for my preference. I’m fortunate that I live in a neighborhood with great shops in easy walking distance. I went to a used bookstore first,IMG_0356 then to Continue reading


Split Infinitives and Faux Fur: When Is Something the “Right” Choice?

IMG_4103As fall grows steadily closer, my thoughts turn more and more to two things. One is the many new ideas I’m having for my fall composition classes—as well as the general excitement that starting a new quarter always brings. The other is new additions to my fall wardrobe, my favorite of which—so far—is this velvet tiger-print coat. Also, I’m not much of  Continue reading