Sure Signs of Spring: Tulips, Pink Lipstick, and the Beginnings of a Grammar Manifesto

Happy Vernal Equinox to all! The beginning of spring is a wonderful time to take stock of both our wardrobes and our projects and revisit what is most important to us, and for me, that means returning to my blog. Even though Grammar Fairy Godmother has been on unintentional hiatus (due to an ongoing attempt to figure out how to teach and blog at the same time),


Trying a paler than usual lipstick

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From Flappers to Emojis: One Hundred Years of Words

According to the writers of the Oxford Words blog, in 1915, the Oxford English Dictionary could easily have chosen “flapper” for the word of the year (if choosing a word of the year was a thing that happened a hundred years ago). This year, I was fascinated by the non-word pick—more about that shortly—but as I was doing a little research, I happened upon the Oxford Words blog post about “flapper,” and since there are so many ways that the flapper ethos is a style inspiration for me, I had to read more.


Postcard of a flapper that I’ve had for the past twenty-five or so years. On the back, it says “A Modern Society Beauty in her Boudoir.”

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Wherein I Make a List and Revisit Some Foundational Beliefs

Today’s post has, among other things, a list of my favorite fall items12068653_10154505966173849_7735625417753374077_o, and while I thought this would be a short post, I’ve found a lot to write about. I’ve been struggling with my writing schedule all fall, and I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that it will be nowhere near as easy as it was this summer to write posts on a regular weekly schedule. That being said, I do think that weekly posts are important, Continue reading

Happy National Punctuation Day!

September 24 is National Punctuation Day!Exclamation_mark And because of that, this week’s blog post is happening a bit sooner than expected. Continue reading

O Scarves, O Fringe, O Sparkling Things: Musings on the Vocative O

Today I went out for a nice wander in my neighborhood. It was a lovely fall day, though still a little warm for my preference. I’m fortunate that I live in a neighborhood with great shops in easy walking distance. I went to a used bookstore first,IMG_0356 then to Continue reading

Shawls, Bonnets, and the Latest (Nineteenth Century) Paris Fashions


Modes De Paris, 1844

In this week’s blog post, we’re going to go back to the 1800s—we’ve already been there once before with George Sand, but this time, we’ll be talking about bonnets and changing grammatical patterns.  Continue reading

Vacation and Reflection



I’ve spent this past week traveling in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula (for the second time this summer!) and was at times without Internet access, so I find myself behind on posts—thank you for your patience, good readers! I was able to see some beautiful scenery, eat some wonderful food, and visit the amazing Continue reading