Wherein I Make a List and Revisit Some Foundational Beliefs

Today’s post has, among other things, a list of my favorite fall items12068653_10154505966173849_7735625417753374077_o, and while I thought this would be a short post, I’ve found a lot to write about. I’ve been struggling with my writing schedule all fall, and I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that it will be nowhere near as easy as it was this summer to write posts on a regular weekly schedule. That being said, I do think that weekly posts are important, so I’m going to continue to try, though the day of the week may change. I think about my blog often, and not a day passes when something doesn’t provide a connection between what we say/write and what we wear.

Today that connection took the form of a Bustle post that I read called “7 Reasons ‘Unflattering’ Clothes Are a Myth.” I certainly agree with this, but I was curious to see the reasons. Here are the two that stood out to me and provided direct connection with my thoughts about grammar.

Number one on the list states that “The Rules Are Always Changing.” There could actually be no closer connection for me! The corset is the example given, but there are so many others. Just as women aren’t concerned today about showing a little ankle or going without a corset, we are willing to boldly split infinitives with increasing impunity. And don’t forget about starting sentences with a conjunction!

Rule number five says that “Beauty Standards Are Invented.” Very much so, as are grammatical constructs. While having a language in common with which to communicate (end-stopping in more formal prose, for example), I don’t think we should lose sight of the fact that grammar is invented. It makes things convenient, but end-stopping the way we do isn’t “right” because of some inherent virtue: it’s a convention that is largely agreed upon. I think that the conventions can certainly be worked with in interesting ways when it comes to fashion, and as Meg Zulch writes for Bustle, you should “claim the things you love to wear, whether they are ‘unflattering’ or not.”

I want to segue from this into a brief list of fall fashion items that I either can’t wait to wear or have been wearing happily for the past few weeks. The weather is finally getting cooler, and I can make use of my large collection of wraps and capes. (A big pile of these toppled over in my room yesterday—perhaps I have too many?)

So here is the list of my five favorite fall items, both general and specific, in no particular order:

  1. Velvet Tiger Print Coat: I picked this up at a consignment boutique over the summer when I was in the UP and absolutely could not wait for the weather to get cool enough to wear it, and yes, it was all that I dreamed it would be.11703508_10154328183088849_461297228136373310_o
  2. Furry Leg Warmers: Faux fur, of course. Not only do leg warmers bring back the 80s for me, but I’m also in love with faux fur everything.
  3. Gloves of all sorts: I am deeply enamored of gloves. I love vintage gloves particularly, or ones that evoke that look. Elbow length opera gloves are also something I can’t get enough of. (Note the intentional ending of the sentence with a preposition there.)
  4. Hats: I love hats for all seasons, but I have some favorites for the fall that I’ve been waiting to bring out: a brown cloche with white trim that used to be my grandmother’s is one and another grey hat (pictured below) that was a gift from my friend Clare.
  5. Capes (all of the capes!): I would wear capes year round if I could. I have many, but my favorites are a black half-cape with silver buttons (also visible in the hat picture) and a floor-length velvet cape in a lovely burgundy that I think is from the 60s.

12106797_10154519922653849_3206781556283609220_nThat was a lot of fun! Look for more lists in the future. I also want to say that even though I haven’t been as regular with posts here, I’ve had some great opportunities to write about grammar elsewhere. One was just this past week when I was honored to be asked to write a post about grammar and poetry for Escape Into Life. My post is called “Editing the Past: Punctuation in Poetry.” Escape Into Life is one of my favorite sites, and it’s full of great content about the arts and literature. Another post about grammar was for StoryStudio Chicago’s blog, Cooler By the Lake. StoryStudio is one of my favorite places, and this post, “Why Writers Should Love (or at Least Like Grammar),” was delightful to write as well. This post focused on again, grammar, but also my thoughts on the very great importance of having a writing community.

Many thanks for reading today! Some of my posts may be shorter as I continue through the fall and get my to-do list under control, but rest assured that I’m not going anywhere.


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